Sadly, it seems that  we have become an uncivil society. We don’t discuss issues anymore, we “scream” our own point of view and shut our ears to those that don’t think as we do. This is not the kind of behavior we should be modeling for younger generations and it is certainly not the attitude that made our country great. The purpose of this shirt is to take us back to what made us a great country and to start a dialogue to that end.

 My goal with this project is not to sell T shirts but I'm happy to sell one to you if you will wear it and promote civility in our country. I do not have large inventories but if you contact me I will order you one 

The shirts are $32. each for short sleeves and 34. for long sleeves plus shipping.They are 50/50 Wash in cold water. Sizes M, L, XL orXXL

it is an entire shirt not cut off as it appears in above photo.